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ito business cards

This was a really fun project for me to work on last week. Erik Marinovich and Jeremy Dawkins over at ITO designed these fabulous business cards, with 2-color printing on both sides. They chose a thick 179lb stock so the impression is nice on both sides, and each staffer had an assortment of three different designs on the back, all with a nice aqua blue and fire engine red.

I had to beat the clock on this one since my press was being moved on Wednesday, and they needed delivery on Thursday. But luckily all went according to plan and the folks at ITO couldn’t have been nicer to work with.

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and dimitri

I took some photos when our electrician Dimitri came over to hook up the Heidelbergs. If you’re considering buying (certain) presses or a guillotine cutter of your own, always make sure your studio space has 3-phase power available in the building.

The Windmill has a handy red arrow on the wheel, indicating which direction it should spin. This is important to note when you’re hooking it up, because if the wires are crossed the wheel will move in the opposite direction – and this will really harm the machine. I didn’t need to tell this to Dimitri though, he’s a pro. If anyone is looking for a good electrician let me know!

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thanks diego

Well, the move finally happened on Wednesday and it well incredibly well! Here are some shots of the press being loaded and moved. To get it through the door they needed to take it off the skid, which makes me wonder how we got it in two years ago? The bottom two shots are the new studio (which looks hilariously similar to the old one). If anyone needs to move a press in the NYC area let me know and I’ll give you Diego’s info. He did a great job, and is a *really* nice guy.

Next up is Dimitri the electrician, who will hook up the press to the 3-phase wiring in the building. Heidelbergs require special voltage so they don’t just plug into the wall. I’m going to take some photos and post those next.

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moving day bump

Yesterday’s press move was delayed until Wednesday due to some movers’ insurance red tape…rats. But the weather is lovely and it’ll give me some more time to get my paper, inks and samples organized. Here’s a bright yellow flower on somerset velvet, and the view from my window. Not a cloud in the sky. :)

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summer trees

I’m back in the studio after a week away. Tomorrow is the big move, so I’m trying to organize my things and clear a path for the moving crew. I’m going to take some photos tomorrow throughout the day, and will hopefully be able to post some pictures of a clean and orderly new studio space by mid-late next week.

Here is an invitation set I printed last week. The blue trees remind me of the last few minutes of daylight on a summer evening. The weather is so beautiful in new york today…

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Lots going on lately so I’ve been behind on posting new work. I’m in the middle of organizing a studio move this month. I’ll be moving just one block down the street, but with a press to relocate even the smallest distance can seem daunting. I’m going to post shots of the press being moved when it happens on the 21st, if for no other reason than almost everyone who sees my heidelberg asks “how’d you get that thing in here?”

In the meantime, here are some lovely dogwoods to calm the nerves…

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