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planning ahead

I know its annoying when stores and websites start advertising holiday goods before Halloween…but I’ve started shipping orders for holiday cards so thought I’d post some shots and a link since they’re now available.  This year I decided to make cards a larger size (A6 – 4.25×6.5) to leave room for a photo inside.  Hope you like them.  :)

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manhattan wedding

This week I printed invitations for a really nice couple getting married in manhattan this spring.  I love the grey color of the skyline, and they chose a gorgeous beet color envelope liner.  They also included a business card sized insert for website info, which I think is a smart solution to the great ‘where does the website go’ debate.

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cutting paper

Of all the emails I get from other letterpress printers (or those interested in becoming printers) the most common question is about cutting paper.  Most professional shops use guillotine cutters because in almost all cases they are indispensable.  (Case in point, this large business card job I printed last week.)  But I wasn’t always as lucky as to have one handy…

In my first year of printing I used the very large guillotine cutter at the Center For Book Arts in Manhattan.  It worked very well, but was incredibly intimidating (there was actually a rule that you couldn’t use it if you were alone in the room).  However when I moved into my own studio in Brooklyn it was no longer practical to cut large amounts of paper there and then try to get it back to Brooklyn without spending too much on a car service.

I then tried a short-lived experiment of using a little non-electric guillotine with a clamp to hold down stacks.  It wasn’t long before an attempt to trim a wedding invitation job turned into disaster (I had to reprint the whole job after it cut a stack inaccurately…).  After that I started having paper pre-cut by my paper distributor.  That was better but still tough, as it’s rare that a job doesn’t require a final trim after you’ve finished printing.

These days we have a guillotine cutter right here in the building, and it’s such a relief to have reliable tools at our disposal.  But I thought I’d open up the floor if anyone wanted to chime in on their methods and tricks of the trade – or to share a problem they’ve had with their cutters.  Maybe we can dig up some helpful info for those with limited access to a good machine.  :)

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coming soon

Seriously, I’m almost done the the website!  It’s not such a dramatic style change, but it has been a steep learning curve going from GoLive to Dreamweaver.  In the meantime I’ve been working on new some photography, and finishing up this year’s holiday cards.  I’ll post a link when it’s finally up, and then after that pick up with thoughts on guillotine cutting.

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promotions announcement

I printed a gorgeous mailer this week for the famed FXFowle Architecture firm here in NYC.  They designed this piece in-house and went with a clear ink for the graphic and name, a beautiful choice I thought.  (I really love the green too.)

This was a very large run on heavy 179lb stock, so I was thanking my stars for having a great guillotine cutter this week.  I had a few emails recently about the merits of investing in a good cutter, so I think my next post will be about cutting stacks.  Maybe we can get a few comments going on different methods.

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