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east river holiday

I delivered a custom holiday card order on Friday to the super cool East River Films here in Dumbo.  With many of their greetings being mailed to Japan, they ordered early to stay on schedule.  Wish I was as organized myself.  :)

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The Bubble Lounge is getting for the holiday season on both coasts.  I printed a few different promotional pieces for them this week, including this notecard that will accompany their new eboutique shipments.  The artwork was done by New Yorker illustrator Carolita Johnson.  I love her handwriting.  And I think this stark black ink on cream stock looks very elegant.

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Today I’m so excited to post about the brand new Design By The Book project, a collaborative video series between the New York Public Library and Design*Sponge.  The project features a small group of brooklyn designers looking for creative inspiration at the public library.  I’m lucky enough to be one of the five participating artists in the series.  We’ve been working on research and filming for a month or two, and yesterday was the debut of the first episode!

We’re hoping the series will encourage designers and artists to check out the library’s vast resources and collections, and use them as a source of inspiration and materials.  With the current economic downturn, I think it’s a great opportunity to discover some *free* resources that are available to all of us.  You can follow the project and read about the other artists on Design*Sponge or watch the first episode right here:

In future episodes I’ll be processing plates from digital files and printing my pieces.  I’ll share more about the project itself in the coming week.  Thanks for watching, and be sure to tune in next week!  :)

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omniTI cards

I printed a fun project this week – these mini business cards for OmniTI.  The client chose a small sized card, and a recycled French paper.  :)

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This seems to be such a popular color this year, and not only in letterpress.  I’m noticing this color everywhere right now – clothing, jewelry, coats, bags…  It’s such a pretty spring green, and a nice treat on a cloudy day like today.

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