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etsy cards

This week has been all about Etsy.  Monday night was the awesome Craft Night, and the rest of the week has been devoted to printing a very big batch of business cards for various Etsy employees.  I’ve been filling orders for them for a year, but now I can just walk them downstairs to deliver.  Progress!  :)

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letterpress vows

An unnamed wedding blogger came up with a great idea for a one-year wedding anniversary present to her husband.  Since the first anniversary is “paper” she asked me to letterpress print her vows so she could have it framed.  What a great idea.  She hasn’t given her gift yet so I’m keeping her name under wraps for now.  :)

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great ink color

The other day I was on Twitter talking about an awesome ink color I was printing.  I was experimenting with a new combination of metallic inks and came up with the most beautiful muted blue-green. Right now I’m working on the designs for my holiday calendar, which will be a series of sky images (VERY excited about this, hope you’ll like them).  I’m going to make the calendar available for pre-orders in my Etsy shop in the next few weeks.  if you’d like me to let you know when they are ready, just email me your address.

I’ve spoken at length on this blog about letterpress printing with metallic ink.  Some printers try to achieve a shiny looking color by loading up their rollers with too much metallic ink.  Personally I don’t like the look of this because the result looks very “muddy” (or over-inked).  But in this case I’m just using silver metallic ink as one component of a color.  This billowy paper seems perfect for creating dreamy skies.  I’m in letterpress heaven.

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After finishing my new line of recipe cards I found the most amazing Recipe Card Boxes by Martha Stewart.  I replaced the front tab with a letterpressed “RECIPES” card and voila, a perfect gift set for the holidays.  I added this to my Etsy shop today, and I’ll be sure to make them available this holiday season at my various craft sales.  Can’t believe I’m already thinking holidays…  :)

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Big news: just a few weeks ago Etsy moved it’s headquarter offices to my studio building at 55 Washington Street in Dumbo!  They have a huge, gorgeous space on the 5th floor and I had the chance to stop by and visit on their first official day in the neighborhood.  I love having them in Dumbo, with 60+ employees they’ve already made the neighborhood cooler.  

And even better, Etsy is going to be hosting weekly Craft Nights every Monday 4pm-8pm.  The very first Craft Night in their new space is next Monday 14th, and I’m honored to be contributing some letterpress goods.  They are going to have a recipe swap / recipe box decorating event.  Anyone attending will get free recipe cards (pictured above) and the chance to make a cool recipe box.  I’ll post the official info as soon as it’s available.  Also participating will be the fabulous Sweet Tooth of the Tiger with an awesome bake sale.

If you’re not in the area and would like to buy some recipe cards, please visit my Moontree etsy shop.  Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you’ll come and craft with us next Monday!

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lend me your eyeballs

So after a long battle with Dreamweaver, my new website is finally up.  Probably highly unprofessional of me to ask, but if you click through the site and happen to see any oddities, would you mind letting me know?  I’m mostly concerned with any weird changes that pop-up in different browsers (since I can only view in Firefox and Safari on my side). You can find it in its usual location at Moontree Letterpress.

I thought this would be a good day to ask since it’s the Friday before Labor Day weekend – and let’s face it, no one is getting any real work done today anyway.  :)  I hope you like the new site, I’m going to be adding more pages with more photography soon, just wanted to get it up before anymore delays.  Have an awesome weekend!

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So glad that September is here, I love this time of year.  I’m thinking happy thoughts.  :)

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