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awesome contest today!

I’m so excited to be partnering with The Bright Side Project for a great giveaway starting today.  The Bright Side is a blog that gives away amazing items every day.  Today I’m giving away a Martha Stewart recipe box set to the lucky winner who comes up with the best answer for the following question:

Describe the best meal you’ve ever had in exactly five words.

You can enter here:  The Bright Side Project.  There have already been around 150 responses, I don’t know how I’m ever going to pick a winner!  Feel free to leave a comment here if you want to make a case for one of your favorites!

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tying the knot

I printed a Save-the-Date last week with this awesome rope image.  The announcement was designed by Cecilia Ziko who is a new transplant to the UK.  Our trans-Atlantic collaboration was so easy and fun, the marvels of modern technology.  :)

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peaceful rainy morning

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Well as you can see, the Brooklyn Flea this past weekend was pretty exciting.  Martha Stewart visited the Flea to tape a story on the sustainable food movement in Brooklyn.  On her way out she stopped in our Flea Design Co-op booth!  I had a chance to show her my recipe cards, and how I package them with her Martha Stewart Recipe Boxes.  I’ve never had a project come as full circle as this, pretty amazing.  I believe the actual show is airing on November 10th, and rumor has it we’re going to be invited to be part of the studio audience that day.  I’m a happy camper.

Many thanks to Martha and her hard-working crew!   :)

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Our Flea Design Co-op has had some funny luck with weather so far.  Yet again we have an ominous weather forecast for tomorrow.  But instead of canceling we’re just going to move our appearance to the Sunday Brooklyn Flea’s Dumbo location.  We’ll be there from 11am-6pm so I hope you can stop by!

On another note my little Gayle is feeling under the weather this week.  The Vet said there is an outbreak of Canine Flu (H3N8) in New York right now.  But she’s taking it easy and is already on the mend…lots of extra cuddles.  :)

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Christmas ornaments are finally up in my Etsy Shop!

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madchen creative

I printed some business cards a while back with this beautiful ink color, pantone green and silver mix.  I’m finally posting a photo…beautiful design submitted by madchen creative.

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