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happy new year!

I couldn’t be more excited for a fresh start this New Year.  I’ve had a wonderfully lazy Christmas break and and in a few days I’ll be back to work.  I have some changes to make on my site and perhaps some style edits on the blog, and then I’ll be starting work on Spring wedding invitations.

But I do have some big news to share.  This autumn I was fortunate enough to buy a small home in one of my favorite places on earth, gorgeous Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  For years it has been a dream of mine to spend half my time in Brooklyn and the other half in a rural setting.  My new town is a beautiful farming community nestled on the Delaware River, about 80 minutes from my studio in Brooklyn.

Starting February 1st I’ll be spending equal amounts of time in each place.  The new commute won’t affect my work schedule much, but if you’ll indulge me I’ll be sharing some photography from my new home on the blog.  The above photo was taken of my house by my good friend and new neighbor, Kathleen Connally.

Thanks so much for reading the blog this past year!  Have a safe and happy New Year!

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holiday contest: day five

For today’s last day, we’ll make the contest a simple one: in exactly 5 words, describe what your wish is for the world. The deadline is tomorrow at 10am. Good luck!

Today’s winner:

Kristine:  Dream, love and be free

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holiday contest: day four

I love your entries so much, keep em’ coming!  As an extension of yesterday’s theme, today’s contest is also about a bright future next year.  Today you must explain in exactly five words why 2010 is going to better than 2009!  Winner gets the fourth calendar of the week, good luck!

Today’s winner:

Chrissy: ten fingers and ten toes

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Thanks to everyone who entered yesterday, those results we be up at around 11am ET (just gathering my things together to go over to the Gifted market now).  I think the 5-word contests are the crowd favorite so I’m going to stick with that this week.  I’ve got three more calendars to give away this week, so let’s get going!

Today’s contest: Describe your New Year’s resolution for 2010 in exactly five words.  If you’re like me you have more than one, so feel free to enter as many times as you like.  Good luck!

Today’s winner:

Myles:  Best year of my life.

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Today’s contest is a five-word challenge.   So describe your favorite holiday tradition (Christmas Hanukkah, etc) in exactly five words.  Winner gets a 2010 calendar, entries must be in by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am!

Today’s winner:

Dad hoards gifts, opens last.

:) :) :)

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Welcome to the Five Days of Christmas Contest! Today’s contest was inspired by an amazing competition Slate Magazine recently ran called the ‘Write Like Sarah Palin’ Contest.  The entries had me in stitches, so I thought it would be fun to create a spin-off version for today.  To enter simply write a Holiday card greeting (2-3 lines) that you might receive from Sarah Palin and leave your answer in the comments section below.  Read some of the Slate entries for inspiration…

Today’s prize (like every day other day this week) is a 2010 Brooklyn Bridge Letterpress Calendar.    My only request is that you keep it light (and classy)!

Deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am.  Good luck!

Today’s winner:

Haha, a little slow on this one – but great entries, and the winner is Andrea who wrote:

As the keen, brisk Alaskan air brings on a winter tempest; Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig and I wish you the warmest, most welcome and merriest of Christmases. We love you very, very deeply.

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Stunning cotton ornaments by Vintage by Crystal.

Peat pot cast ceramic cups by Marcie McGoldrick.

Amazing quilled ornaments by Kirsten Earl.

Silhouette keychain (made from recycled records!) by Wrecords by Monkey.

Cashmere rabbit by Randi Sue Foreman.

Mini clock made from vintage parsley tin by Welles & Graham.

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