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prints on the golding

Flea prints

Flea prints2

Just taking a quick break from a few hours of printing.  I am working on some Brooklyn scene prints for tomorrow’s Flea.  These illustrations are Cassidy Iwersen’s.  We’re working on a calendar together, and the artwork came out so great we’re offering them as prints too.  C’mon by the Flea to check them out.

The Golding is doing GREAT so far.  I still haven’t started working on my recipe cards, but they should be a good test.  They have a thin border and I have already pre-cut the paper…hopefully I can register them without too much heartbreak.  :)

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new flea stuff

Really excited to be finishing up my first full day of printing on my new Golding press.  My base arrived late yesterday and this morning I started printing some new items for this weekend’s Brooklyn Flea.  These are ‘borough coasters’, a set of 10 for $10.  Swing by the Flea on Sunday to pick some up, and stay tuned for more Golding magic in the coming weeks…  :)

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test prints



After spending most of this week removing grease and rust from the Golding, I finally started doing some test prints.  I don’t have a base for her yet, so I set some wood type to test impression and roller heights. PS: Does anyone have a 6×9 base they’d like to sell?

Its so awesome seeing this press spring to life after sitting in storage for so long.  Today I’ll be printing jibberish and having a darn good time.  Long live letterpress.

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new presses!




I’m so excited today.  Yesterday two new presses were delivered to my home in Bucks County, PA.  One is a Golding Jobber No.6 made in 1904, the other is a C&P Old Style dating back to 1902.  Both of these machines were rescues, they had been lovingly used as hobby presses by two different printers until one passed away and the other moved to a nursing home.  They had been sitting in storage for a few years since then, but I’m excited to get them back into production.  The Golding is close to being production ready, but the C&P needs new rollers and some electrical work.

I’ll post updates as I go, but for now I have a lot of cleaning and oiling to do.  Has anyone brought an old press back from the brink?  I’d love to hear your comments.  :)

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