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clouds 4

clouds 2


This summer cloud design makes me so happy, it reminds me of looking up the sky when the clouds are moving so slowly. 

This wedding invitation went out 2 weeks ago, just in time to start enjoying the warm weather.  I haven’t added this design to the Wedding Style page yet, must get on that…

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dessert rampage

dessert 14

lemon filling

blueberry cobbler

I had my first official BBQ ever on Saturday.  We ate hamburgers, staged a furious easter egg hunt and talked about all the fun we’re going to have this summer.

My favorite part of entertaining is always making and serving dessert – and I went a little far this time.  Here are some more photos of the apple pie, lemon meringue and blueberry cobbler in various stages of preparation.

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blue ink

blue 9

blue 8

This nice ink color seems perfect for Easter weekend.  I mixed this blue with opaque white, reflex blue and a tiny bit of yellow.  You can find some more photos of this job here.

Hope you have a great weekend.  I’m ignoring the weather forecast and having 15 people over for a bbq.  We’ll see how this goes…  :)

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just because

eggs 4

Last night I had a few friends over for Easter egg dyeing.  We didn’t stress too much about them coming out perfectly, we just enjoyed putting the time aside to have fun.

When did you last make the time to create something pretty?  Not to sell on Etsy, or because your boss told you to – but just because it was a Tuesday.  I hope you’ll find some time to dye eggs this year.  Its silly, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun.  Even as a grown-up.

More egg photos here.  :)

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Pattern Invite 4

Pattern Invite

Pattern Invite 6

Pattern Invite 7

Last week I printed and delivered these wedding invitations to a wonderful couple in New York.   They were designed by bride-to-be Soni Khatri, a graphic designer in Manhattan.  The vibrant colors work so well with this pattern, way to set the tone for a gorgeous summer vineyard wedding.

If you’d like to see some more photos of this invite in different stages of production, you can find them at the Moontree Facebook Page.

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etsy orange

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy, but this bright orange ink kept me cheerful as I was printing Etsy business cards.  I printed another super colorful wedding invitation on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll post some shots of that next week…

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mr. toad


As I mentioned a few months ago, one of my New Years resolutions this year was to spend more time doing creative projects that are not related to letterpress printing.  One of those outside hobbies I’d like to practice more is photography. So in order to develop more of a discipline, I set up a separate photoblog to post a photo a day.

Well…that was my original intention, but I’ve bent the rules a bit and now I’m shooting for 365 photos for the whole year.  I posted some shots yesterday from a morning walk, if you’d like to see more you can find them at the Moontree Photoblog.

Thanks for indulging me, hope you like!

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