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Exciting news!  Back in late April I had the immense privilege of printing materials for a photo shoot featuring First Lady Michelle Obama.   This month Better Homes and Gardens‘ has a great cover story on the First Lady’s White House garden, and her commitment to teaching young people on the importance of eating fresh, healthy food.  My contribution to the story was printing the buffet cards, program covers, juice bottle labels, sandwich wrappers, gift tags and seed packet covers.  Here are some more photos of those.

All of the illustrations and layouts were created by the incredibly talented Sarah Cave.  Sarah is a photo stylist, art director, maker and industrial designer – and that’s just the short list.  :)  I just want to say thanks to Sarah and the whole BHG team for including me, what a thrill!

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hydrangea 3

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This month I’m primarily working on Fall weddings.  Here is a wedding invitation set that matches a Save the Date I printed for these nice clients back in March.  This look is right up my alley – elegant and subtle.  They chose a blind emboss hydrangea graphic with charcoal ink for the text, so pretty.  You can see a few more shots here

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monday contest!


Winner Announcement

Thanks to everyone who entered!  This week’s winner is Erinkathleen, with whom I share the sentiment:

“That I know noth­ing for sure.”

Thanks for another fun week of entries.  See you back here again Monday!


Well summer is broiling along, and we’re getting back to basics with the Monday contest today –  and we’re doing it Oprah-style.  The rules are the same as always, but if you’d like some background info you can read all about it here.  The win­ner with the best six-word story will receive 50 per­son­al­ized let­ter­press note­cards.  This week’s theme is:

What I Know for Sure.

You have until tomorrow night at midnight to enter over at Oh So Beautiful Paper, winner will be announced here on Wednesday morning.  Good luck!!

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bienvenue lucy


This past week I shipped off birth announcements to Paris, France.  I love working with clients from abroad, it makes the world seem so small and full of possibilities.  I’d like to wish a warm welcome to little Lucy, and heartfelt congratulations to her parents.   :)

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green tomatoes

green tomatoes 3

green tomatoes 4

Yesterday my good friend Ben came and spent the day with me in Durham.  He is the general manager of Amis in Philly, and also happens to be an awesome chef.  In the afternoon we kicked around my garden, and then he showed me how to make fried green tomatoes and zucchini.  Here are some more photos of our foodie lesson.  Next month he’s coming back for a brussel sprouts crash course.

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gray leaves 3

gray leaves 4

This is the time of year when I start printing autumn wedding invitations, and its usually in the middle of a killer heatwave like this one.  I like summer, but Fall is my favorite – hands down.  Can’t wait for chilly breezes and scarves.  :)

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monday contest

grass 2

Winner Announcement

Thanks again to everyone!  Next week I may try something with a more positive spin since we seem to getting a lot of “lovers’ scorn”, haha.  Congratulations to this week’s winner, Ally, who left this funny comment:

“with buck­ets of fer­tiliser on it.”

Stop on back next Monday, hope you’re having a great week!



Good morning!  We’re back today with another summer Monday contest over at OSBP.  Contest rules are the same every week (you can check them out in detail here), and this week’s theme is:

The Grass is Always Greener…

Please enter in the comments section over at OSBP, and leave as many entries as you’d like.  The contestant with the best six word story will receive 50 per­son­al­ized let­ter­press note­cards!  I will announce the winner here on Wednesday morning, good luck!

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