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flea table display



I’m working on a big card order today, but taking a break to share this awesome find.

This recent beautiful weather has me excited for summer Saturdays at the Brooklyn Flea.  With that in mind, I’ve been hunting around for some materials to make a nice sign for my table.  The other day I found a box of old tin letters, each about 3″ high.  Very excited to get out there.  :)

A few more photos here.

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durham 1

durham 2

durham 3

The Marquee Style invitation from the new Heritage Collection has been popular this season!  This couple chose a different color for each piece, which I think works so well.

The wedding is scheduled in May in the greatest place on earth – right here in Durham, Pennsylvania.  :)

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etsy 2


These gorgeous book covers for the Etsy Success Symposium were designed by the wonderful Nicole Licht.  I printed them today and am  shipping them off for Monday delivery – just in time to bind for the event.  You can see a few more photos here, thanks to Nicole and Etsy – inspiring work as always!

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ink blot


I was cleaning blue ink off of my rollers this morning when I noticed something unexpected.  I see a butterfly, what do you see?  :)

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stamps 6

stamps 5

A month or two ago I found this really nice antique rubber stamp caddy at a flea market in Lambertville NJ. I didn’t love the stamp selection they had at the time, so I decided to wait until I hit a stamp jackpot later. Yesterday I found this great stash, which seem to have come from a gardener. These were a buck each, well worth the wait.

Treasure hunting at flea markets is such a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.  I’m so glad the season is upon us again.  Here are way too many more stamp photos.


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place card 1

place card 2

I’m shipping these Grass table cards out today to some very nice clients who ordered matching invitations a few months ago.  These seem like perfect timing with the beautiful weather we’ve had for the past week.  Spring has sprung.  :)

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feather 1

More business card printing, this time a decidedly softer look.  Pretty.  :)

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