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etsy guide

etsy guide 2

Today I’m doing *lots* of printing for a big event this weekend.  On Saturday, Etsy is holding its first ever Wedding event in New York City, called To Have and To Hold.  I’m so honored to have been asked to create a booth at the show called “Ask a Letterpress Printer”, to advise attendees on all things letterpress.  The event sold out shortly after it was announced, and 1000 people will be attending.  Whoa.

I’m going to bring my camera and take lots of photos to share next week.  After I get all this stuff printed, trimmed and organized I’m going to have to figure out what I’m wearing.  :)  If you’re attending please come say hello!

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big day

big day 1

big day 6

Very excited this week to be adding two new styles to the Heritage Collection!  Here’s the first one, called Big Day.  This style, along with the entire Heritage Collection, was designed by Philadelphia-based designer Ed Brogna.   (You can find a few more shots on my Facebook page.)

I’m making some layout changes to the website this week, so these should be live in a few days along with a new look for invitation browsing.  Hope you like!

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feng shui craft project

gold horse 3

This is a fun project I’ve been wanting to do for so long.  A few years ago I was in a shop selling Chinese banners and knick-knacks.  I asked the lady at the counter what would bring me good luck in business, and without even cracking a smile she pointed at the section of horses.  Sold!  I’ve had my lucky horse on the shelf since then, but I always wanted to make it look a little nicer.

So with the help of some martha stewart liquid gilding paint, and my horse now looks royal and regal.  Here are a few more shots, hope you have a great weekend!

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barn glory

barn 4

barn 2

barn 3

This beautiful invitation for two architect friends was designed by Alyce Waxman.  The wedding will be held at the groom’s family farm in Connecticut, and Alyce managed to capture the likeness of the barn perfectly – very modern, yet sweet and classic.

Great working with you Alyce, and all my warmest wishes to the happy couple.  :)

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moss and bottles

bottles 2

walk 11

For the past few weeks I’ve been jumping from project to project with my plants, shrubs and garden.  Over the weekend I went for a walk in a nearby field to collect some moss, and I stumbled a trove of pretty old bottles.   Old bottle dumps are fairly common in farming areas, and I have a small collection growing at home.  I washed them off when I got home and now I have a nice set for clippings.

Here are some more photos of the treasure hunt.  :)

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shining star

I’m working on a happy little side project.  ;)

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Cards 8

Cards 5

This past weekend I finished printing cards and covers for another collaboration with Angela Liguori of Studio Carta.  Last Fall we introduced our small edition of books (you can see them from the beginning here).  We had such a good response, and loved them so much ourselves, that we decided to expand the collection to small notecards.  The graphics and colors match the books, but they are on a smaller scale – which I really love.  :)  These will be available for sale soon, Angela and I will post when they’re ready.

Here are some photos of the cards, more to come!

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