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Storm 6

Storm 4

The wedding season has been a busy one this year, and I’ve been working hard these past few weeks on August and September events.  This past week has been another busy one, but I took a break from work to take pictures of this dramatic storm that blew in the other evening.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good summer thunderstorm.  :)

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etsy 1

etsy 3

On Monday afternoon I shipped these cards off to Grand Rapids, MI for the 2012 BALLE Conference.  Designed by Nicole Licht over at Etsy, I love all the detail in the artwork.  :)

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Jen 1

Jen 2

Jen 3

I shipped out this Anchor style invitation on Friday for a summer wedding in Maine, which sounds absolutely heavenly.  The photos seem to match the weather we’re having here in Bucks County today – its a real soaker out here.  :)

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spain 3

spain 2

This has been a great season for wedding invitations.  I’ve had really wonderful clients all year, and have been printing lots of styles from the new Heritage Collection (the Vintage Stationery style featured here). I’ve also been getting more international orders than ever, which is just really exciting.  I just shipped an order off to Canada, and this week I’m working on orders for Spain and New Zealand. :)

If you have any questions about ordering invitations from overseas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Last weekend I was so lucky to have participated in the first ever Etsy wedding event in NYC, To Have and To Hold. The purpose of the day was to showcase Etsy sellers who make one-of-a-kind items for Wedding clients.

I was manning the “Ask a Letterpress Printer” table, and spoke with people all day about the ins and outs of letterpress. There were 1,000 attendees, and I’ve never seen a happier crowd. Thanks to everyone to came out, it was an awesome day. :)

Check out my FB page if you’d like to see some more photos.

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next chapter 6

next chapter 2

next chapter 4

This is probably my favorite invitation style of the whole bunch.  A new addition to the Heritage Collection, which is an ongoing collaboration between Moontree Letterpress and Philadelphia designer Ed Brogna.  I love the simplicity, and the significance of beginning a new chapter together.  The blind emboss corner fold is a subtle touch.  :)  More photos here.

This and the new Big Day style will be up on the site this weekend.  Also, we’re working on a few more styles as we speak… so please check for more updates.  Have a great weekend!

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lavender 1

lavender 2

lavender 3

Shipped these off today.  :)

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