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seattle 1

seattle 2

Here is the Marquee Poster style invitation looking so stylish in basic black. I love this minimal look.

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butterflies 1

butterflies 2

The front door to my studio is slowly disappearing behind an exploding butterfly bush. :) #goodproblems

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please dress colorfully

Joel 4

Joel 3

Joel 1

I loved printing these invitations, from the colorful illustrations to the bold, stylish type.  Philadelphia designers Joel Evey and Olivia Verdugo teamed up for this creation, and looking at their portfolios I can see why they turned out so great.  Check out their stuff, and more photos here.  :)

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birdie update

mockingbirds 2

Well the mockingbirds have all left the nest!  I feel a great sense of relief because it took lot of mental energy to stop myself from looking at them over and over.  I limited my peeks to 3, and got this photo the last time I looked on Saturday (zoom shot). What a thrill to watch them from the beginning.  I hope they sing in the yard all summer.  :)

PS:  Really loving her reverse mohawk.

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mais oui

paris 1

paris 2

This week in my spare time I worked on adding new cities to my Neighborhood Coaster collection in my Etsy shop.  I like this new font a little better than the old one, so I may update the other cities as they sell out.  In August I’ll be printing larger runs of these, here’s Paris.  Happy weekend!!  :)

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cynthia warren invitation for martha stewart

Aisha & Chris 5

Aisha & Chris 1

Aisha & Chris 7

After all my talk of collecting berries, the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings has a delightful story about incorporating berries into your wedding scheme.  I was honored when they asked me to print a piece for the story – this beautiful invitation illustrated by Cynthia Warren.  The heat wave has thrown a wrench into my canning plans, but hopefully it’ll pass soon.

Check out some more photos here, hope you’re enjoying the summer sizzle!

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