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sample shipments

Samples 1

Samples 2

My Saturday morning back and forth from studio to post office.  :)

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flyswatter 1

flyswatter 4

Boy, they don’t make things like they used to. I found this beautiful, primitive flyswatter at a yard sale the other day. Wooden handle, wire fastener and leather flap.  I also got a tried and true flyswatting lesson: Raise the swatter and hold it steadily over the fly. As soon as he starts rubbing his arms together, SMACK. It really works! :)

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first frost

frost 1

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RP 5

RP 2

It was such a pleasure working with Michelle at Retail Parade on this order of notecards and edge painted business cards. Retail Parade is an online marketplace for retailers and wholesalers, so if you’re one of those be sure to check them out.

More photos available on the Moontree Facebook page.

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Baby 1

Baby 4

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