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Muscari 2

Muscari 5

Muscari 6

I’ve been behind on my blog posts lately, but there is a good reason! I find displaying photos on Facebook is easier because I can include full albums instead of just one or two shots. Also, it gets a little repetitive doing both each time. I’ll keep updating my blog periodically, but if you wanted to see more please check out my Facebook page.

And for the full story behind this grape hyacinth field…check out the album and explanation here. :)

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flea market finds

Paper Cutters 1

Paper Cutters 5

Major score this weekend.  Whenever I pack up a job I always find myself struggling with these kraft paper rolls, so I’ve been on the look-out for a nice paper roll cutter for a while.  This past week I found TWO gorgeous cast-iron cutters, for $10 a piece.  These are going to make a shipping a whole lot more pleasant.  Here are some more photos.

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farewell summer

backyard picnic

fish dinner for two

I woke up today with a bit of a lump in my throat.  This was one of the nicest summers I can remember.  There seemed to be just the right balance of work and leisure.  In between work projects I spent lots of time at the beach and working in the garden…I feel sad that it’s behind us now.

Oh well, enough of my complaining…here’s to the fun Autumn months to come.  :)  Here is a collection of my favorite shots of the summer, hope you enjoy!



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butterflies 1

butterflies 2

The front door to my studio is slowly disappearing behind an exploding butterfly bush. :) #goodproblems

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mockingbirds 2

Well the mockingbirds have all left the nest!  I feel a great sense of relief because it took lot of mental energy to stop myself from looking at them over and over.  I limited my peeks to 3, and got this photo the last time I looked on Saturday (zoom shot). What a thrill to watch them from the beginning.  I hope they sing in the yard all summer.  :)

PS:  Really loving her reverse mohawk.

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nest 2

nest 4

I’ve been watching two nests in my yard for the past few weeks. They simply amaze me. The love, the engineering and the patience.

The nest in my rhododendron bush has four eggs, but as of this morning the single birdie from nest #2 has learned to fly. Can’t help but to feel proud of her.  Enjoy a few more photos at my facebook page.  Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe in heat.

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