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Tom 1 Tom 2

Business cards for Brooklyn film aficionado, Tom Hall. Printed on 236# Reich Savoy. Find some more shots here. :)

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RP 5

RP 2

It was such a pleasure working with Michelle at Retail Parade on this order of notecards and edge painted business cards. Retail Parade is an online marketplace for retailers and wholesalers, so if you’re one of those be sure to check them out.

More photos available on the Moontree Facebook page.

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Bubble Lounge 1

Bubble Lounge 3

This will be a busy week for business card printing.  First up is my longest running job – The Bubble Lounge.  They were one of my very first clients back in 2004.  It was trial by fire when they gave me an opening order of 10,000 business cards.  They took a gamble on a rookie letterpress printer, love these guys. :)

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feather 1

More business card printing, this time a decidedly softer look.  Pretty.  :)

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I’ve been noticing in the past few years that people are putting less and less information on their business cards.  It makes a lot of sense, because these days it takes less than 10 seconds to find most people online.

I like this trend a lot because, in my opinion, the less artwork and text on a card the stronger it looks.  Also, they make you irresistibly curious.  :)  I worked on these with Breck through our Brooklyn Social Cards.  I’ve printed a lot of business cards in my time, and let me tell you – these really pack a punch.

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business cards


Yesterday and today I’m working on a bunch of business card projects.  Yesterday was a lot of cutting, today is a lot of printing…  What are you guys working on this last week of summer?  :)

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a new look



My dear friend Breck (of Sesame Letterpress) and I shared a studio for four great years.  As you know, I flew the coop back in March to move out to PA, but she and I are still collaborating on our Brooklyn Social Cards project.  We launched this joint-venture back in April of 2008 and we’re still going strong.  I love this project because it is a true collaboration – Breck handles all of the correspondence and design, and I do all the printing and shipping. I also love it because it allows us to keep working together closely, even though we’re now 90 miles apart.

Anyway, we just relaunched the site with some fresh photography.  Pretty soon we’ll replace the antiquated pdf download with photos, but I’m still working on printing those.  I hope you like the new look, check it out here.  :)

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