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cherry pie 9 cherry pie 2 cherry pie 6

Some photos of the cherry pies I made from my neighbor’s tree. You can see a few more photos here, hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th!

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Muscari 2

Muscari 5

Muscari 6

I’ve been behind on my blog posts lately, but there is a good reason! I find displaying photos on Facebook is easier because I can include full albums instead of just one or two shots. Also, it gets a little repetitive doing both each time. I’ll keep updating my blog periodically, but if you wanted to see more please check out my Facebook page.

And for the full story behind this grape hyacinth field…check out the album and explanation here. :)

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first frost

frost 1

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mockingbirds 2

Well the mockingbirds have all left the nest!  I feel a great sense of relief because it took lot of mental energy to stop myself from looking at them over and over.  I limited my peeks to 3, and got this photo the last time I looked on Saturday (zoom shot). What a thrill to watch them from the beginning.  I hope they sing in the yard all summer.  :)

PS:  Really loving her reverse mohawk.

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place card 1

place card 2

I’m shipping these Grass table cards out today to some very nice clients who ordered matching invitations a few months ago.  These seem like perfect timing with the beautiful weather we’ve had for the past week.  Spring has sprung.  :)

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trumpets blast!

This is major news.  Twelve years ago this spring, after cooking a huge dish of Citrus Salmon, I planted seeds from 40 lemons.  It was a ridiculous sight, there were literally cups of potting soil on every surface of my apartment.

After all this time only three seeds made it to full-grown trees, but this past weekend the very first blossom appeared.  I’m out of my mind with excitement.  Life’s little miracles…

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apple 1

apple 3

apple 4

apple 5

The other day my dad came over and helped me winterize the chicken coop.  When I say “help” I mean he worked on the chicken coop while I was inside baking him an apple pie.  My dad’s payment terms are usually restricted to baked goods, but this time I also threw in a dozen fresh eggs – the fruits of his labor. Thanks Dad! :)

I hope you have a great weekend.  Swing by the Brooklyn Flea if you’re in the area, I’ll be there selling some holiday stuff…

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