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August is typically a slower month for printing, so I’m taking advantage of the down time to do some sprucing up around the studio.  The first order of business this year was to replace my form rollers, which have only been changed once since I bought the press in ’05.  I’m not sure of the exact year of my model, but unlike some other heidelbergs my form rollers are a different size than the upper distributor rollers.  (I found this out the hard way last time I bought them from Printer’s Parts.)  So instead of buying a new pair I simply shipped my aging rollers off to have the cores recovered.

I can’t say I was thrilled with how long it took to get them back, but all’s well that ends well.  I thought I’d throw the topic out there to see if anyone wanted to share about anything roller related, ie. where you get new rollers or old ones recovered, how often you change them, any interesting tips on making them last longer, etc.  Maybe with some feedback I can put together a little resource list.  Thanks!

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