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printing stampede

After a few days of ordering paper and preparing plates, this weekend will be nonstop printing. I’m working on a corporate holiday card and several seasonal projects. I’ll also be printing various items to sell at the Center For Book Arts’ 32nd annual holiday sale on December 14-15th. For those readers in the NYC area, I hope you can stop by. It’s a great organization and there will be a number of fantastic artists selling work. More on that later…

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ex libris (part deux)

I finished printing the limited edition bookplates today, all in beautiful neutral inks. They’ll be posted for sale on the Design*Sponge shop on December 1st. (I’ll post a link when that happens) These were printed on Somerset Textured softwhite 250 gsm.

Holiday printing is in full swing, so I’m working on a number of different things right now. In addition to these bookplates, I printed a wedding and a set of calling cards this weekend. Next week is a large corporate holiday card job, with a lovely design submitted by the company art director. I’ll post some pictures of that, permission permitting.

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I’m so glad to be working with SoHo’s Industries Stationery again this year. Last holiday season we collaborated on a line called “winter botanical”, which was mostly clear inks printed on dark, rich papers. This year we decided to go with a very modern twist, printed in nice bright colors.

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Occasionally someone will ask me if letterpress printing is difficult. My typical response is something like, “No, but some jobs are more complicated than others.” If the conversation continues, I always end up explaining the process of registration.

The wedding invitation I printed this weekend is a great example of the importance of accuracy when using two or more colors right up against one another. Since each color requires a separate run through the press, it’s often a bit hair-raising to line them up perfectly. Katherine chose great ink colors here.

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christmas ornaments

A very busy and productive weekend… I printed and delivered my final wedding order of November, and finished the christmas ornaments this morning. Then with the rest of my Sunday I posted them for sale on Etsy. I should be finished bookmarkers tomorrow or the next day.

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happy accident

I spent most of today working on the christmas ornaments I mentioned the other day. I think they’re a great use of the extra Cranes cardstock I bought from Shulman Paper. I’m going to continue working on these this weekend and open the “holiday shop” on the website soon. I’ll be sure to post here when it goes up.

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jasmin & john in futura

I finished these Save-the-Date cards last night and will send them out later this afternoon. I love this look, very simple and elegant. I’ll be printing J&J’s wedding invitations in early summer, using the same font with a different graphic/ink.

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