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amis coasters

Yesterday I finished coasters for next month’s Industry Night at the amazing Philadelphia restaurant, Amis.

Each month Amis hosts a late-night Industry night in which a guest restaurant comes in to cook with chef Marc Vetri.  I happen to be good friends with the general manager, so I schemed a really good hook-up – I letterpressed these coasters in exchange for permission to crash the event and eat amazing food.  February’s guest is the legendary Le Bec-Fin – I can’t wait!

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a thrilling milestone

martha article

martha february cover

I’ve been reading Martha Stewart magazine faithfully since my high school days.  My usual routine is to start with ‘Good Things’, then go to the dessert of the month…and then flip back to the beginning to start reading the entire issue from the beginning.  I also have every issue of the last twelve years lined up meticulously on my living room bookshelf.

That said, you can imagine my excitement (!) at being featured in February’s issue.  Such a thrill for me, and I’d like to thank them for the honor.  This month is also the magazine’s debut issue on the ipad – so here’s a short movie from the ipad article, filmed while they were shooting the story.  (Just scroll through to “Sharing the Love” to view.)  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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speaking of pets…




fox 4

Truth be told, this is how a majority of my photo shoots unfold. I should have a ‘cutting room floor’ section on the blog.

Beautiful Valentines Day card illustration by Cassidy Iwersen.  More on that later…  :)

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365 photo project

Most of my New Years resolutions for 2011 focused on things related to creativity.  I have always found that working on outside projects totally unrelated to letterpress has a very positive impact on the way I work in the studio.  This year I’m trying to make time in my schedule to challenge myself in some other creative areas.

A few friends of mine in my new hometown (Durham, PA) have created a photo club for this year.  We’re each posting a photo per day.  Our group page isn’t public, but I’m going to post my entries here at the Moontree photoblog.  I’ve been working a lot from home in PA since the new year because most of my current projects are still in the design phase (yup, spring weddings!) – so most of the subject matter so far is pretty homey.  :)

Another member of our club is the amazing Kathleen Connally, who has been documenting our town in her blog for almost 10 years.  I still have so much to learn, but I’m excited to become a better photographer in 2011!

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I’m really excited to announce a new line today! I printed some NYC borough coasters back in October and got a really positive response for them. The awesome Diane over at CraftyPod gave me the great suggestion of trying some other cities. So together we launched a contest to come up with four cities to start off the new line (most entries was the determining factor).

Today the results in my Etsy shop! The four winning cities are San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Chicago.

I’d like to expand the line over time, so if you’d like to suggest another city just let me know. I think Philly needs to be next…

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layered ink



I spent a while yesterday taking and editing photos, both for fun and for my online shop.  I’ll have some new items available in a day or two, but I couldn’t wait to share this dreamy love card.  Is it too early to start thinking of Valentines Day?

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