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trumpets blast!

This is major news.  Twelve years ago this spring, after cooking a huge dish of Citrus Salmon, I planted seeds from 40 lemons.  It was a ridiculous sight, there were literally cups of potting soil on every surface of my apartment.

After all this time only three seeds made it to full-grown trees, but this past weekend the very first blossom appeared.  I’m out of my mind with excitement.  Life’s little miracles…

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sullivan 6

sullivan 3

Today I’m finishing up an order of business cards for local Bucks County Sullivan Building & Design.  There are two different cards, both are non-uniform sizes – one is a folded larger card and the other a small square shape.  I really like the variety and the classic blue ink color.  You can see some of Sullivan’s amazing projects here.

And, as always, here are a few more of my shots.  :)

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weathervane invitation



Last week I shipped off an order of the Weathervane style wedding invitation, and now I’m working on a Marquee Poster style.  The new Heritage Collection is off with a bang!  :)

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sky blue sky

sky 3

sky 10

If I had my choice, almost everything I printed would be blind embossed.  I love how minimal it is, and it really accentuates a nice impression.  But if you’re looking for a little more pop, edge painting is a beautiful way to bring in some color while keeping it spare and elegant.  Here is a blind emboss cloud design with sky blue edges.  Love.  And here are many more photos of the same…  :)

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calendar object

spool calendar 2

spool calendar 8

I love this new 2012 spool calendar by Studio Carta.  From the moment I received it in the mail I couldn’t wait to take pictures of it.  Here are some more shots on my FB page, thanks Angela!

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moravian tile works

Moravian Tree Tile 5
Moravian Tree Tile 3
Moravian 2

This past weekend I had the chance to visit the incredible Moravian Pottery and Tile Works here in Bucks County.  Aside from the amazing architecture and history, it is still a working factory.  Its well worth the visit if you’re in the area.  My favorite items were these gorgeous tree identification tiles, here are some more photos to enjoy.

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grass invitations
grass printing 2

This was a busy week for wedding invitation jobs, both working on proofs and printing.  I love this time of year – I have a really nice bunch of clients and wedding projects are always fun for me.

Here are some grass invitations being printed on the Heidelberg.  I usually don’t take many press photos because the light is hard to get right, I’ll have to work on that.

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