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subway 6

tree 6

Today I’m excited to announce that (the incredibly talented) Cassidy Iwersen and I are continuing our annual holiday card collaboration!

Each year for our holiday collection Cassidy works on design and illustration, and I do the printing.  This year we’ve added a Christmas Tree style, and a New Year Subway scene, I just love them and hope you do too.

You can find all five styles now on sale in my Etsy shop.  Let me know what you think, we love hearing your feedback!


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apple 1

apple 3

apple 4

apple 5

The other day my dad came over and helped me winterize the chicken coop.  When I say “help” I mean he worked on the chicken coop while I was inside baking him an apple pie.  My dad’s payment terms are usually restricted to baked goods, but this time I also threw in a dozen fresh eggs – the fruits of his labor. Thanks Dad! :)

I hope you have a great weekend.  Swing by the Brooklyn Flea if you’re in the area, I’ll be there selling some holiday stuff…

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gift wrap

I often forget how amazing and powerful the internet is.  The other day I got an Etsy order from Japan, and in the comments the customer wrote “I love your work”.  Somehow the world seemed huge and very small at the same time.

I’m now offering free gift wrapping in my Etsy shop, and since Japan is the home of amazing presentation – I took extra care to make it special.

I’d like to say thanks to Etsy, and to Yuki.  :)

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hanford cycles

hanford 1

hanford 2

The sun has been shining for days here in Bucks County, and right now the fall leaves are spectacular!  Over the weekend I worked on this business card order for Philly custom bicycle frame builder Simon Firth.  The cards and logo were designed by Ed Brogna.

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2012 3

Today is a great day for me and Angela!  We’ve been working together since August on our book and calendar collaboration, and today everything is officially finished.  Earlier this week we posted about the books, and today we’ve listed the calendars for sale in our shops (in the Moontree Letterpress Etsy shop and the Studio Carta online store).

These are great as separate items, and even nicer as companion gifts. We had such a nice experience working on this project, I’m sure more collaborations will come down the road.  Thanks Angela!  :)

PS:  You can find more photos of the calendar here.

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hello nashville!

nashville 1

nashville special listing

Good morning!  Today I’m very happy to announce a new city in the Neighborhood Coasters collection!  Nashville is the new addition, joining Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia.  This collection began last year with the five boroughs of New York, and I love that it has grown into a little family of places.

Are there any cities you’d like to see added?  Let me know in the comments!

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SL Book 9

SL Book 6

For a few months now I’ve been posting updates on my book collaboration with Angela Liguori of Studio Carta.  I’m delighted to announce that the books are now finished and available in my shop and Angela’s shop.  They are available as individual books, and as sets of three.  This is a limited edition.

If you’d like to see some more photos of the books, you can find them here.  Thanks for all your nice feedback on the project, we’re very excited that they’re finished!  :)

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invite samples

This weekend I worked on updating some of my photography for the website, including adding some new styles to the line.  Those should be up on the site relatively soon.  I’m hoping to make the invitation styles page a little easier to navigate…

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