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More record snow fall for us suckers on the east coast, but I’m enjoying it.  Yesterday I tagged along with Kathleen Connally to help the guys at Tintinhull Farms in Bucks County tap maple trees. In just a few snowy hours I learned so much about maple syrup production, so awesome.  We’re heading back in a few weeks to watch the sugaring process.

Now, I realize this is a letterpress blog, so going forward I’ll try to keep it focused on printing.  However if you’re interested in some more photos and behind-the-scenes you can join my new Facebook page for Moontree.   Speaking of printing…lots of work happening tomorrow and Sunday – got to catch up from a few days stuck at home.  :)

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jessie and chris

I printed these cool New York wedding invitations and gift tags this week.  I love it when invitations convey a sense of fun, I think it really sets the tone for a great celebration.  They also seem so original in a sea of template formal wording.  Congratulations Jessie and Chris!

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sunrise photos

Most of today was spent digging out of Wednesday’s storm, but Bucks County is the most beautiful place to be snowed in.  I woke up at sunrise and took these peaceful photos in my yard.

But nothing could describe the Dr. Zhivago walk I took with Kathleen Connally yesterday, here is her magical shot of Cooks Creek.

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I shipped these powder blue & chocolate brown invitations off to London last week.  I love printing projects for lovely people in far off places…  :)

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NPR has been running a great series for the past year called “Uncommon Economic Indicators” in which they ask people for unusual signs of how the economy is doing.  I have my own indicator that I’ve been following this past year – the amount of business cards I’m printing.  New orders usually mean people are starting businesses or expanding, and re-orders usually indicate that companies are hiring.

2009 was slow for business cards, but I have to say that orders are on the upswing since November – maybe that means we’re heading in the right direction.  Now let’s see if Wall Street rallies tomorrow based on my report.  :)

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