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I always enjoy the last week in August because it seems like so many people fall off the radar – enjoying vacations and last chance summer glory.  I’ve been slow with my blog posts lately because Ive been doing the same.  I promise to be back in full force after Labor Day, but here are some shots I took of last week’s Grange Fair in Newtown, PA.  I wish I could jump in a time machine and join 4H in first grade.  :)  You can see a few more photos of the fair here.  Have a great weekend!

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monday contest


Thanks for the entries.  :)  The winner this week is Kristine who wrote my grandmother, her stories, through recipes.  See you next Monday for the LAST contest of the summer…

This is the second to last of the Summer Monday contests, it’s hard to believe how fast it has flown by. Usually at this time I’m dying for Autumn and chilly weather, but I guess being out in the country is a far cry from summer in the city. A few months back I found a huge box lot of vintage buttons at a tag sale. I’m finally getting around to putting them in my etsy shop (only one now but I’m going to put more up this week). It was fun taking pictures of them, such gorgeous colors!

So today’s six-word story theme is:

Something found

The best six-word story wins 50 custom business or calling cards. Enter as many times as you like, winner will be posted Wednesday morning (ET). Only one more Monday this summer…good luck!

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new site


Working on redesigning my site this week, it always feels like an epic task.  I decided there needs to be a Patron Saint of Websites.  Who do I call in Rome?  :)

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monday contest


Thanks for all sweet entries.  This week I chose the most poetic memory:  Rachael’s Dewy grass at dawn, stars fade. I’m taking a break next Monday because I’ll be out of town, but I’ll return the following Monday (8/23) with another contest.

Ahhh, it’s hot out!  I got my first watermelon out of the garden this weekend and it reminded me of the best place to be in summer – the backyard.  I remember slip-n-slide, the gymset, popsicles and lightning bugs.  So the subject of today’s six-word contest is:

Summer backyard memories

The person who enters the best six-word story wins 50 custom business or calling cards.  Enter as many times as you like, winner will be posted Wednesday morning (ET).  Only a few more Mondays of summer…good luck!

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DJ 2

Yesterday I delivered this custom wedding invitation, beautifully designed by the bride and her faithful brother.  This job was really fun – a very original design and nice color combination.  When I first received the digital files, I knew it was going to require a lot of focus and attention to get the registration *just* right (especially with this tight border).

A job like this also reminds me how important a precise guillotine cutter is for any letterpress printer.  I get a fair amount of emails from beginner printers asking me the best way of cutting down a job.  Personally I can’t believe people are ever hand-cutting jobs after they print them.  I know “hand-cutting” sounds like a precise way to do it, but it’s virtually impossible to cut a whole stack consistently and it’ll give you a few panic attacks in the process.

What are your experiences with cutting jobs down?  Any tips or nightmares you’d like to share or vent?  Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them.  :)

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Thanks to everyone who entered!  Congratulations to Heather who won this week’s contest with her entry:  a mountain out of a molehill. Come back next week for more contest fun.  :)

Do you believe that August is already here?  The bad news is that this is the last month of contests, but the good news is there are five Mondays in August!  I spent the weekend printing a large round of business cards for the fine folks at Etsy (love those guys).  So this week’s theme is for them:

Something I made

The best story of exactly six words wins 50 custom business or calling cards.  Enter as many times as you like, winner will be posted Wednesday morning (ET).  Good luck!

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