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This week I had the chance to work (for the second time) with the very talented Katherine Yaphe of Oliver Yaphe, an amazing home textiles company. Katherine designed these great notecards in honor of her new addition, Sophie.

I thought this was a great opportunity to talk about registration. Since each color of ink requires a separate run through the press, layered or closely placed objects need precise registration in order to achieve the desired look. This one was a heart-stopper…but I’m always glad for the opportunity to reach a little further in my craft.

Here are some shots before and after grey and some ink about to become green. Thanks for the great design work Katherine!

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photography class

Just before New Year I took the plunge and bought myself a digital SLR camera in hopes of taking better photography for my portfolio – and just in life.  So today I took my first “Digital SLR Cameras” class with Cooper Union’s Continuing Studies program- and it was really fantastic. Richard Press teaches the course and I highly recommend it to anyone curious about cameras or photography.

I also just really love being in and around the buildings of Cooper, surrounded by history and genius. Hopefully my photos will get a little better…with time and practice.

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I printed two sets of invitations this week with similar clover styles. The sage clovers were printed on offwhite stock, and the blue on a slightly less creamy pearl white stock. I sent off plates for 3 weddings yesterday so the next 2 weeks will be busy. Hope you’ll check back!

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I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been working on a lot of wedding invitation design work this month. (And I don’t think pictures of me sitting at my computer in different outfits would be very interesting.) I did print two weddings this week which I’ll post next, but had to share a nice moment of new york city inspiration.

Last week I took my annual trip to Madison Square Garden’s Westminster Kennel Show with photoblogging extraordinaire Kathleen Connally. We were strolling around backstage when someone handed me this handsome little guy. Not typical Dog Show etiquette, and Kathleen managed to catch my sheer delight on camera. You can view more of her great dog show shots here.

My printing schedule will be pretty busy for the next month, so I’ll try to post lots of pictures.

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I recently printed a very nice invitation designed by the bride and groom, and they purchased a special Italian handmade Rossi paper with deckled edges on all sides. Sometimes deckled-edge papers can present big challenges when it comes to lining up the registration. Because the stock does not lay perfectly squared on the feedboard, the registration from color to color will naturally vary.

We lucked out in this case because although the paper had a jagged edge, it was somewhat uniform in shape. I had a little extra pressure since the design included a lot of straight lines, but all was well that ended well.

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Last spring I decided to start walking to work a few times a week, just to enjoy the neighborhood and clear my head before the day begins. In the spirit of trying to expand the scope of my letterpress blog I’m going to document my morning walk here from time to time. Mostly because I love the neighborhoods between my home and the studio (park slope, gowanus, carroll gardens, cobble hill and brooklyn heights)

So with the break in the weather yesterday I walked to work for the first time in a while and stumbled upon a delightful surprise – a new installation by Brooklyn artist Pasqualina Azzarello. I first saw her work about 3 years ago when she painted the outside fence of a construction site in dumbo, but this time she’s tackled a site by the Gowanus Canal.

I just love this, and would like to say thanks to Pasqualina for giving me a reason to walk again tomorrow.

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I’m so excited about this month’s card, the second in a series of illustrations by the talented Jessi Klein. They’re available now in the moontree etsy store. I love this card project, and this horse just makes me happy. :)

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