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I’m just finishing the beginning stages of one of my favorite projects of all time. This year I entered the Horticulture Program at the Barnes Arboretum. It is a three year intensive program that Laura Barnes began in 1940, and focuses on art and horticulture. It has already been a huge creative inspiration for me, and I’m very excited about the months and years of classes to come.

One of the many amazing features at the Barnes Arboretum is the Fern Collection. With over 200 species, it is one of the largest collections in the world. I’ve been given the incredible privilege of using some of the specimens in a letterpress fern project. I’m printing a variety of items, including cards, bookplates, calendars and more. They will be finished by the end of the month and available in my Etsy shop, and at the Barnes Museum gift shop in Philadelphia.

I have many more photos on my Facebook page, please find them HERE.

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