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rabbit 5

Winner Announcement

We had another awesome week of entries!  I really loved how there was a mix of interpretations, you guys are awesome.  Out of the 78 entries, the winner is Diane, who wrote:

“Mir­a­cles hap­pen. Leap for­ward into yours.

We’re going to take a break next week because its July 4th, but we’ll be back on Monday the 11th with a new contest.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered, hope you’ll be back for the next round!


Its another summer Monday already.  Today is the start of our 3rd six-word story contest over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.  If you’d like some inspiration, check out last week’s contest which netted 73 entries.  This week’s theme is:

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

You can enter over at OSBP – contest lasts until Tuesday night at midnight (EST), and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning here.  This week’s prize is a set of 50 custom letterpress note cards.  Enter as many times as you like, and good luck!  :)

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lavender ink

lavender 7

Little know fact…did you know that mixing white, red and green makes purple?  I printed these kiddie notecards this week (for one of very favorite kiddies on earth), and took some photos while mixing inks.  If you’re a color geek like me, you might like to take a look at the progression.  You can find photos here.  Hope you enjoy!

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Winner Announcement

I want to thank everyone who entered this week, we had 73 entries and they were so good.  You can see them over at OSBP, its worth the read!  Please swing by again Monday morning for your next chance to enter!  In the meantime, big congratulations to Rachel W. who entered:

“Anything reassuring while Googling strange symptoms”


When I lived in New York City and would daydream about moving out to the country, I used to picture corn fields, rolling hills and those big hay bales lying around everywhere.  This turned out to be one of those rare occasions in life when things turn out exactly the way you imagine it.  I now live in a beautiful farming town, and my house sits next to a very large hay field.  :)

So, onto this week’s contest theme for our six-word story series:  SOMETHING HARD TO FIND.  You can submit entries at Oh So Beautiful Paper until Tuesday night at midnight.  This week’s prize is 50 personalized note cards – enter as many times as you like, good luck!

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orange ink 3

Today will be a busy Friday.  I have 5 business card jobs to print and a few etsy orders to ship out before 5pm.  To get me off on the right foot I decided to start with the brightest ink color of the day.

Have a great weekend, please check back in on Monday morning for next week’s word contest!

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WINNER:  Thanks to all the great entries over at OSBP, we had a great kick-off week!  Tune in next Monday morning for your next chance to enter.  This week’s winner is Angelica who wrote:

Can’t just say it, live it.

Hurray, its time to get the Monday Contest Series back up and running!  For the past 2 summers I’ve been hosting a six-word story contest each week here on the blog.  The theme changes every week – sometimes its funny and sarcastic, sometimes sentimental and thoughtful.  I love doing this because its a chance for me to hear back from readers and also say thanks for reading all year long.

This summer I’m very excited to be joining forces with the fantastic Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Nole will announce the theme each Monday morning on her blog, and entries can be written in the comments section until Tuesday night at midnight.  I’ll announce the winner here on my blog each Wednesday morning.  This summer we’re giving away 100 custom letterpress business cards EVERY WEEK.

We’re starting off the 2011 series with a Oprah-worthy theme:  “Giving Thanks”.  Enter here, and let the games begin!

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ex libris 4

ex libris 5

Since I started working on the Farley’s project I’ve naturally been thinking a lot about books.  Many people are going the way of kindles and ipads these days.  Instead of making books obsolete, I think it just makes them even more special.

These bookplates are printed on 100% recycled cotton paper, archival and acid-free so they’ll last generations.  I listed these in my Etsy shop, if you’d like to order for Father’s Day just let me know (and purchase by Tuesday) and I’ll put a rush on it.  ;)

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bordkarte 6

bordkarte 3

diecut 3

This might have been one of my favorite projects ever.  I was recently given the opportunity to design and print a “vintage boarding pass” contest announcement for the 700 students of the 2011 graduating class of RISDEtsy is hosting its first international conference, Hello Etsy, in Berlin Germany this September.  They are offering one spot to the winning graduate, and wanted an original, fun way to announce the contest.

This job included die-cutting and assembling the sleeves, so it was no small task.  Here are a few more shots of the job in progress, including one of the very large pile of scrap paper left over from the die-cut sleeves.  I’m looking for ideas on how to make good use of it.  :)



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frogs 1

Frogs 2

I’m so excited to announce a BIG new project today.  For the past month I’ve been working with Farley’s Bookshop, an iconic book store in New Hope, PA, on a new series of broadsides.  Farley’s has been established in New Hope for 44 years and is a vital hub of literary activity, for Bucks County and beyond.  I have the pleasure of working with them on an upcoming major project, a chapbook of 13 writers and poets who have shared work at their monthly reading series this past year.  More on that later…

This week we released a broadside for Gerald Stern’s FROGS, in an edition of 50.  Gerald is such a distinguished poet, I’m really honored to have printed these.  These are just to name a few of his awards:

1998 National Book Award
1991 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry Finalist
1987 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1980 Guggenheim Fellowship

Broadsides are available for purchase at Farley’s for 20.00.  Please stay tuned for our next collaboration, and news on how the chapbook is coming along.  Here are a few more shots of the broadside, the shop, and these silly little bookmarks I made for the store.


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