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nest 2

nest 4

I’ve been watching two nests in my yard for the past few weeks. They simply amaze me. The love, the engineering and the patience.

The nest in my rhododendron bush has four eggs, but as of this morning the single birdie from nest #2 has learned to fly. Can’t help but to feel proud of her.  Enjoy a few more photos at my facebook page.  Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe in heat.

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Some nice 2-ply, edge painted notecards this Thursday – designed in the Marquee style, ink and edge color Lake.

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cards 1

cards 2

I just finished scoring the last stack of cards to ship off to Carta Inc.  I really enjoy printing these, they make my studio so colorful.  :)  A few more photos here.

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branch 3

Its 9am and already cooking here in Bucks County.  Should be a sizzling day, but I’ll be cool in my studio finishing a large business card job.  Otherwise I’ve been busy working on late summer wedding invitations, these beauties went out yesterday.  :)

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the bubble lounge

bubble lounge 1

bubble lounge 4

Printing business cards for the Bubble Lounge in lower Manhattan was one of my very first letterpress jobs when I started out.  We’re still working together all these years later, now in dark green ink.

If you live in NYC or SF, swing by for a glass of champagne and a letterpress business card.  :)

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nuptials 3

nuptials 4

nuptials 2

Back when Ed and I were first brainstorming ideas for our Heritage Collection collaboration, we knew we wanted to include a style that would appeal to book-lovers.  The result was this Classic Literature style, designed as a book title page.  You can imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when I received an order from a buyer at the iconic NYC bookstore, The Strand.  If there’s such a thing as street cred for a wedding invitation, this has to be it!  :)

By the way, Ed and I are in the process of completing our third wedding invitation collection.  Very excited, details to come…

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sour cherry pie

cherries 1

cherries 6

Late last week my neighbor let me raid his sour cherry tree, and I made this first fruit pie of the season.  Here are some more photos, I love this time of year!

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