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pink berry

I’ve been in such a blogging black hole this month, my apologies!  I’m busy designing a number of wedding projects in between trips to the new house, and it has left little time for anything else.  But I should be back to my normal schedule soon, thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, here is a sweet Texan wedding from last week…

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notecard printing

Today I worked on business cards and custom stationery.  I like this simple ‘S’ design.  Tomorrow is a big DIY day at the new house, things are really shaping up for the Feb 1st move.  I can’t wait!  :)

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sample sorting

Every now and then I make a sincere attempt to go through my project bins and update my sample book.  This week is the beginning of the wedding invitation season for me, with back to back appointments some weekend days.   I spent a better part of yesterday pulling new samples from my shelves to update the book.  Happy to say this year is off to a relatively sane start.  :)

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afternoon light show

I’m working from home today, catching up on a bunch of design work and preparing for January jobs.    :)

PS: My site was down for part of the day yesterday (grrrr…) and it disrupted my email for a short time.  If you tried to email me and didn’t hear back please try again.  Thanks!

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